Online Home Work┬áis a topic which has been gaining a lot of attention due to the current economic downturn. The research was done by the National Association of Schools and Colleges, who had surveyed about the students’ views on online home work. The survey addressed mainly the parents, teachers and students’ views towards online work in education, with an emphasis on its impact in the student’s performance and grade point average.

Online Home Work

The survey questions asked for responses from the students and their parents. The students were asked to assess their academic progress in their various subjects, as well as to rate their performance on the school paper. Then, the students were asked to discuss how well they were performing academically with their parents. They also discussed how their online work has affected them, and if it has increased or lowered their performance. Finally, the parents were asked to discuss their opinion on whether they believe that their child’s online work was helpful or not.

Based from these responses, the results were released. The survey showed that almost 80% of the students and their parents said that online work has either had no positive effect on their academic performance or has caused them a lot of negative stress. However, these opinions were not necessarily common, and the exact number varied depending on the specific subject and the type of school subject.

The results surprised the students a little bit. They did not realize that online work such as working on blogs or writing blogs have such a negative impact on their performance. While they thought that it had made them learn more, most students did not see the value of this type of work, especially those who are highly focused and want to be successful in their chosen field of study. Most students were not surprised because many of them have a negative mindset regarding work in school, especially those who think that working is a boring and tiring process.

The online work of course was not the only thing that got the students’ attention though. Most of them were surprised about how parents perceive their work. Although there were a few who were more than happy with their work, most students felt that the way their parents view their online work was a reflection on them as a whole, not only on the amount of work that they have performed, but also the quality of the work.

Many of the students felt that it was a waste of time and effort to complete the online home work, especially if it was not necessary for their career plans. Although some of the parents expressed the opinion that it was a good practice to do home work so that the students can get an idea of the type of work that they will be doing in future jobs, many students also felt that it was pointless to do it, as it was not required to advance in their careers. Other students were not happy about having to do such work. Some were surprised to hear that their parents would not approve of their online work, but they were not surprised about the results, as they did not expect the results to be so low, but just the opposite. Overall, the results did not change the students’ opinions on online work but rather showed that they were not happy with it.

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