Lean, also called purple drank and various other names, is an illegal street drug beverage, made from mixing prescription-grade cough syrups with a flavored hard candy and a soda. The drink originates from Houston, Texas, and is very popular in the urban hip hop culture or those that live in the south. In the United Kingdom, the drink is made from caffeine-derivative known as “beans”. Not to be confused with fruit juice, which is a clear beverage containing juice, cream, sugar, or milk, lean also includes a complex blend of chemical substances including caffeine, ethanol, ephedrine (which acts as a stimulant), guarana (a coffee substitute) and pseudoephedrine, which act as toxins and are highly addictive.

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People can purchase lean online without a prescription in most states if they are over the age of 18 years old. In most cases, you can purchase it legally at a liquor store, but you must have your identification card and proof of ID. Caffeine content varies depending on where it’s made and what type of flavoring it contains. In some cases, the amount of caffeine may be too high, resulting in an intoxicating brew. If this happens to you, then you should call your local law enforcement agency or the Department of Alcoholic Beverage and Gaming Enforcement (DABE) to get in touch with them.

It is legal in some places, although most cities don’t allow it because it contains caffeine, which is technically not a dietary supplement. Most people ingest caffeinated drinks for several reasons: for dehydration, for “pick me up” after a workout, to deal with depression, or as a natural pick me up during the day. When consumed in excess, however, it can become a legal and recreational substance. Many individuals buy the drinks for use at home or to create a home-based mixed beverage. It is often mixed with other drinks, such as coffee, juice, or tea to make a healthy, low calorie, and delicious iced tea.

Purple drank lean and purple drank in some cases contain small amounts of ethyl alcohol, which is also not considered an illegal substance in most states. Ethyl alcohol is used as an alternative to methanol, which is usually used to make ethanol. Some people use ethyl alcohol to replace real alcohol in order to reduce their dependence on it. Another advantage of using it as a replacement is that it may be less expensive than some other types of alcohol. Since it isn’t as popular, you’ll likely run into fewer establishments selling it.

In some cases, purple drank lean and other dark green drinks contain small amounts of phenylethylamine, which is believed to cause sexual stimulation in some people. This isn’t medically proven, but it has been linked to sexual problems in some people. You’ll find more information about this substance on its website. As with other forms of alcohol, pregnant women and people suffer from any kind of physical illness should refrain from using it, even if they think they might be able to consume it.

Although there are very few reported side effects, there is one major disadvantage to drinking purple drank lean. A number of individuals do not know the difference between this type of drink and regular beer or liquor. Because it contains no carbon dioxide or additional calories, it can be considered a “free drink.” People who drink it while drunk aren’t aware of it and therefore feel no effect. If you are planning on trying this product, it is important to keep in mind that it might cause some unpleasant side effects.

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