Setting up the association between the nano beneficiary and keyboard1 Fitting the nano collector into the USB port on your computer.2 The PC consequently recognizes your console and you can promptly start utilizing it.If the console doesn’t work:• Move your PC and console nearer together.•

Re-plug the nano beneficiary into the USB port on your PC, at that point press the associate catch on the console. The Drove pointer on the console streaks consistently while in matching mode (10 seconds). In the wake of blending effectively, the Drove marker lights strong for 10 seconds, at that point turns off.• Check the batteries in your console gta 5 mobile. The Drove pointer flickers for 10 seconds when the batteries are low.

Cleaning your keyboard• Wipe the console with a sodden, build up free cloth.SpecificationsKeyboard:

• Measurement (L×W×H): 17.1 × 5.6 × .8 in. (43.4 × 14.3 × 2.06 cm)
• Weight: 16.9 oz. (.5 kg)
• Radio recurrence: 2.4Ghz
• Working separation: 33 feet (10 meters)
• Key number: 104 keys (US)
• Battery: 2 × AAA soluble batteries
• Battery life: a half year (in light of normal usage)Nano receiver:• Measurement (L×W×H): .7 x .6 x .2 in. (1.8 × 1.4 × .6 cm)
• Weight: .04 oz. (.001 kg)
• Interface: USB 1.1, 2.0 , 3.0TroubleshootingMy console isn’t working.• Draw your console nearer to your computer.•

Ensure that your PC meets the framework requirements.•

In the event that your console quits working:

• Ensure that your console and nano recipient are matched by squeezing the interface button on the console. • Supplant the console batteries.
• Have a go at associating your nano beneficiary into an alternate USB port on your PC.

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